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V-Labs is a passionate team of Scientists, Engineers & Entrepreneurs specializing in Generative AI, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Signal Processing & Sensor-based AI Platforms.

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InsurAI for

An AI-driven platform with comprehensive suite of products for all key players in the insurance industry, including, Insured individuals, Brokers, Carriers, and Claims TPA. Provides Automated Underwriting, Intelligent Policy Management, and Automated Damage Detection and Assessment. By facilitating accelerated policy conversion, enhanced customer acquisition, improved customer retention, expedited claim settlement, and incentivization for brokers, InsurAI transforms insurance experience.
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BankzAI for

An AI driven platform with comprehensive suite of products for various processes in the banking industry. Provides advanced data and image analytics to combat fraudulent transaction and enhance compliance measures. The intelligent extraction capabilities of the platform across various document types enable expedited customer Lockbox payments and faster consumer and commercial loan disbursals. Helps banks to manage huge volumes of data at record speed to derive valuable insights from it. Know more...

SensorzAI for

Specializes in AI solutions for the security and surveillance needs of enterprises, leveraging Computer Vision and Sensor technologies. The customized offerings optimize non-business operations, including Perimeter Watch, Face Recognition, and Temperature Monitoring. Seamless monitoring is enabled for real time detection of intrusion. Face recognition identifies individuals attempting unauthorized entry. Real-time temperature monitoring ensures a safe environment by identifying anomalies. Know more...

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